Louis Vuitton, the one and only choice.

What it stands for:
Louis Vuitton or shortly LV, a popular name in the fashion industry was founded by its owner Louis Vuitton in the year 1854. The headquarters of Louis Vuitton is situated in Paris, France. LV stands for one of the most trusted and fashionable brand name in the world. They are famous for their wide range of products from leather bags and luxury trunks to various lifestyle accessories. It has been named as the world’s most valuable brand in luxury for seven consecutive years.

Why only original LV?
The bags manufactured by LV are both fashionable and elegant. They are the perfect harmonizing mixture of beauty and persistence. The immaculate finishing and materials used in the bags make them the reason for ecstasy. But as always, there are also fake models available in the market that uses the brand name of LV to sinfully sell themselves to the customers. But they can only copy the look of LV and not the feel that the original LV products provide. Most of the customers are not aware of these fake models and unknowingly keeps on buying them at the end of the day.

5 reasons to buy authentic LV bags over fake:-

  1. LV bags give you the perfect balance between style and money: Although the brand name stands for one of the most valuable name in the fashion industry the products it makes are however affordable and economical. On comparison to what value the brand name holds, the company charges it customers solely for the quality it provides with its bags and not for the brand name they carry. This makes them the perfect value for your money
  2. They have a variety of options: The variety of style, design and quality that they produce is humongous. Customers can select from the long list of designs and options that will perfectly suit their need and test. For example if a person is not fond of a design that bears logo, then there are variety of options to choose from.
  3. The brand name stands for durability and persistence: The quality of the products is really extraordinary. The material used not only gives them a sublime look bit also gives them that strength and stamina to really last long. The traditional bags made by them are the highest in quality available in the market. They even provide their customers the facility to repair their bags when required which no other brand faking the style of LV will provide.
  4. The shape and details in work: Those at Louis Vuitton not only focus their concentration on the look and material but also on the feel and shapes. A person carrying these bags will never feel uncomfortable carrying them. Every minute detail is so perfect that they themselves define the outlook of an individual. They are like a guideline to other brands as they define perfection and idealism. One can never get this perfection and feel from a replica of these bags.
  5. Finally the brand name: The brand itself makes it more desirable than any other bags in the market which copies their style. The fake models can never provide the depth and detail in the outlook that the original will. Apart from this, a fake model can never give that pleasure and comfort to your senses that an original will give you undoubtedly. The brand itself will evoke the confidence within.

So, it is clear that a fake can never be the original and that is why they remain as a mere copy of the original. The uniqueness and boldness that LV gives to its customers is unmatchable and unparalleled. Now after reading this, people will not have to think twice before going for an original one.

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