Weekends are better spent someplace else. I can go away pretty much any day, since I don’t work in the office anymore, but the weekend has a certain vibe. I like the weekendy feel. So if the weather looks good enough we travel. Not very far, just a day trip. Normally no more than 200km.

Austinmer is a little town about 140km south of Sydney. It takes a bit of time to get out of Sydney, but once there, there is little traffic, and all the little towns down south make you slow down. There is no rush like in Sydney. People go for a stroll around the shops. Walk on the beach. Everything is slower, and seems more friendly.

The beach itself is not very big, but it never really gets very crowded. they usually get a bit of swell too, so every now and then we saw some board riders in the waves. This time however the beach was completely deserted. Signs everywhere urging people to stay away. And it was not hard to see why. The waves were massive. I have never seen bigger waves at Austinmer. It was actually quite scary.

No board riders, no surfers. A few people taking pictures. Including me.

It wasn’t even that windy. But it was not pleasant to be out there. So we did a bit of a stroll on the beach, got some fresh air in our lungs, and decided to slowly drive back home. We took the scenic road. Among the many little villages along the way.

We stopped at Stanwell Tops. It’s an area which has the best view of the south coast. Standing about 400m above the see level, on a good day we could see almost to Wollongong. Paragliders take off from that spot, but not that day. I guess the winds were not friendly.

A few pictures below from Austinmer Beach. They don’t really show how big the waves were, as they are a bit far, but scary enough. We have not been there yet, since that day, but we’re due. It’s a very pleasant day trip.

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