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A few tips for great children photography

Here are a few things to remember while photographing children. Making Children PoseThe most challenging aspect of children’s photography is making them pose for a photograph. The ideal way to frame them is actually not to make them pose. However, sometimes they need to sit or stand in a certain way for a particular photograph, […]

Private photography workshop

Benefits of Private Photography Workshop There are no shortcuts to mastering an art. Although the advent of more user-friendly DSLRs has taken the market by storm, the perfect snap is still an elusive one for most photography aficionados and budding photographers. Private photography workshop is highly recommended for people who have taken a serious liking […]

Do you need an online dating photographer

Online Dating Photography Congratulations Visitor! You are now one step ahead towards making memories that live with you forever. The world of online dating has seen many developments over the years. Unlike the previous stigma attached to it, online dating is benign and exciting. It is a rapidly increasing trend among the masses who do […]


Bride photography – How to make her look beautiful

Bride Photography That Makes An Event Memorable Any photographer who occasionally takes photos of the bride knows the importance of having picture perfect photography. I mean, this is probably the biggest day for the bride. Furthermore, it is a once in a lifetime event considering that there are no rehearsal marriages. In order to ensure […]


Master couples photography

Consider this when photographing couples. When it comes to couple photos, there are rules of couples photography that you should be familiar with. In photography, you can shoot a candid photo that showcases a strong bond between the couple. Depending on the pose, there are certain considerations to bear in mind in order to take […]


Things to remember as a wedding photographer

Capture the first dance. Focus on the ring exchange. With so many things playing behind your mind, it is quite easy to forget what things to consider and what not. Apart from composition, there are 5 rules of wedding photography that you need to strictly follow. No wonder most photographers find it to be really […]


Beijing – my observations

The Real Beijing Experience – An Insight Into The Capital Of China Any travel website or guide will give you a lot of information about Beijing, the capital of China, the most populous country in the world. However, to really get a feel of what a city has to offer, you need to be there, […]


Beijing – main attractions

Beijing’s Finest Attractions Beijing is a place ripe with historical sights and serene locales. Being the heart of China, Beijing has always held a special place in the eyes of all those whom visit. The cultural atmosphere is breathtaking and can be an exciting experience. Beijing travel encompasses various options due to the rich history […]

Silver jewellery

Silver jewellery Silver jewellery is the best form of jewellery found in the market because they have various benefits as compared to other forms of jewellery. 925 silver jewellery is a standard type of silver jewellery made by craftsmen. It is a better type of silver jewellerry because pure silver cannot be used in jewellery […]