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Wedding photography workshop

Sharpening Skills with Quality Wedding Photography Workshop. Wedding photography is an art that requires faultless execution of every click in a way that captures the complete glamour and mesmerizing spectacles in elaborate details. Such results do not happen by fluke but by method, skill, and proper training. Our wedding photography workshop is intended to elevate […]


What is documentary wedding photography style

What is documentary wedding photography style There are various styles of photography. These styles range from formal to traditional to creative posing. Documentary wedding photography style differs from the classical style in that the documentary form is a close up view of the wedding over a timeline. It is a picture by picture, frame by […]

Family photography workshop

Children Photography Workshop – For Photographers Of All Levels Have you ever wanted to make beautiful photographs of children. Then a children photography workshop is for you! A workshop allows you to learn different techniques on how to take the best pictures. Before you now it, you will become be a real Anne Geddes! People […]

What is the camera aperture

WHAT IS AN APERTURE IN PHOTOGRAPHY? An aperture is the lens diaphragm which adjusts limiting the amount of light passing through it to hit the camera film or image sensors, but in any instance is the adjustable opening through which light passes. In life you can use your eyes an example. Usually, light enters your […]

Camera Aperture Priority mode

What is Aperture Priority and How it is Adjusted? Almost everyone knows how to click but all those who are passionate about photography and want to take up this profession should know the technical terms related to the field. Aperture priority is one such term that a professional photographer must know. Let us have a […]

What is the camera ISO

What is ISO in digital photography? If you are new to digital photography and willing to know the acronyms widely used by the experts, then this article is ideally meant for you. In fact, ISO is an acronym for International Organization for Standardization. So photography standards are regulated by this organization. As we talk about […]


Best locations for wedding photography

Best locations for wedding photography Best locations for wedding photography There are a lot of options when you want to choose your wedding photography session location. But do you know where to start? Your wedding photo session location should bring out your taste, personality and style. Always know what you would want with your wedding […]


Wedding photographer check-list

Wedding Photography Checklist of Must-take Photos Are you planning a wedding ceremony? Despite how the ceremony looks like, you will need a reminder of this big day. The only thing within reach is only the photographs taken on this event. This is why it is very important to plan a wedding photography checklist of must- […]

Latin Quarter – Paris

Latin Quater tourist guide. duttarhiju Do you feel you are surrounded by zombies and desperately need a dose of intelligent conversation? One of the sure shot ways of engaging in a friendly debate about politics, history or just about anything, is to wander the streets of Latin Quarter Paris. If you are a debate lover […]

What is the camera shutter

Some facts about the shutter of a camera. In Photography shutter refers to the device which closes and opens and this movement determines the duration in which the focal plane is given exposure to light.Even though the cameras are designed in such a way that it prevents the film from getting exposed to light,it is […]