Beijing’s Finest Attractions

Beijing is a place ripe with historical sights and serene
locales. Being the heart of China, Beijing has always held a special place in the eyes of all those whom visit. The cultural atmosphere is breathtaking and can be an exciting experience. Beijing travel encompasses various options due to the rich history of the city and its immense size. This article will help discuss some of the potential options one could visit while roaming around Beijing.

The Forbidden City (Imperial Palace)

This is in the core of Beijing and is a must visit. Being the control central of previous dynasties in China, this place has significant historical base. The Ming and Qing dynasties were both situated within The Forbidden City. The imperial Palace was divided into two separate parts; one for business and other for the emperor’s family. This setup ensured the palace is one of the largest in the world and is a breathtaking sight for all that visit.
It is now open for tourists and is kept under care. This historical premise behind ‘The Forbidden City’ is maintained and represents Ancient Chinese history. Those who are intrigued by the nature of China’s past will be fascinated by this particular destination.

The Nine Dragon Wall

This particular wall was a renovation job done in the late 1700s. It was done as a method to perk up the appearance of The Forbidden City and establish privacy from the outside. It is a sight behold due to the intricate designs and patterns emerging from the wall. It is a must see for those that decide to venture out to the city.
Back in Ancient China’s history, illustrating dragons was a privilege only emperors had. This is one of the reasons for the wall being laced with depictions of dragons. In Chinese history, the dragon hold a significant role in the betterment of society. It is revered as a creature that has saved China from past and present destruction. There are countless types of dragons and each has its own powers. Unlike the assumed nature of dragons, they are depicted as friendly creatures by the Chinese.

The Summer Palace

It doesn’t get more picturesque than ‘The Summer Palace’. It is one of the more highly visited places in Beijing due to its scenic nature. The beautiful symphony of hills, palaces and temples make for the picture-perfect setting. This is an impeccable example of Chinese culture and their determination to present flawless creations.
The Summer Palace is a place of perfection. It has been designed to appear picturesque to all that visit. It has a peaceful feeling to it and this comes from the development of ‘Chinese garden designing’. The art form is a particular passion for those in China and this is one of their best projects. It is a must visit for all those that visit Beijing.

The Great Wall

Not much has to be said about this ‘wonder of the world’. When the name of ‘China’ is uttered on the lips of foreigners, the ‘Great Wall’ is often the next term to be stated. China and this beautiful creation are attached at the hip for eternity. It is China’s more esteemed creation and is a must see for all the tourists that visit Beijing.
It is a matter of pride for the Chinese as its creation marks their identity. Being 8.850 kilometers long, travelling across The Great Wall is not possible. However, the portions found within Beijing are spectacular and establish the fortitude of the Chinese as people. While, the claims of this wonder being viewed from the moon are false, it is still a magnificent piece of architecture.

Ming Dynasty Tombs

This is also known as the ‘Thirteen Tombs of The Ming Dynasty’. Located in the Chingping district, this encompasses the history of China and all that represents it’s past. As the number in the first sentence suggests, there are thirteen emperors buried in the area. All of these emperors held important roles in building China as it is right now.
As with any royalty, the places of burial are sacred and important. They are marvellous destinations to visit due to the aura of the personalities that lie there. All history buffs will be eager to visit the Ming Dynasty Tombs due to their prominence in China’s past.

Tiananmen Square

The protests of 1989 will forever live in the minds of the world. The countless deaths of innocent people will forever be regretted. Yet, this is a fascinating place to visit due to the historical value of the setting itself. The political power of the setting and its location in the heart of Beijing makes it thoroughly important.

Beijing Hutongs

While, hutongs have diminished in order to upgrade the local areas, there are still a few. What is a ‘hutong’ you may ask? They are basically alleys that are made from the lining of houses and other similar structures. Each hutong has its own stories and are specifically named by the locals.

Temples of Heaven

Spiritual value is important in China and this can be seen in the ‘Temples of Heaven’. Built in the 15th century, there is certainly an atmosphere around the place. This is Beijing’s connection between the spiritual and humans. It is the place to connect with God and cleanse oneself. This peaceful setting is a wonderful place to visit in order to partake in China’s core culture.

Beihai Park

This is a massive park that is riddled with temples and palaces. For those looking to relax and simply soak in the setting, this is a delightful place to visit. The park has numerous spots that make splendid spots for picnics. It is open to the public and is 69 hectares in area, so there is a lot available to explore and take in.


Travelling can take a lot out of people, sometimes all one wants to do is party. Shichahai (the lake areas) are sublime hotspots for those looking to drink and party. All of the fun loving people of Beijing tend to gather here and have a ball. The night life in this area is part of the journey as a tourist.

Jingshan Park

This is an artificially created hill that is nearby to ‘The Forbidden City’. There are various pavilions within the area that lie on the peaks of Jingshan Park. These pavilions are now available to visit and simply relax in. There is some historical value as an emperor hung himself during the 1600s at Jingshan Park.

Wangfujing Street

What is tourism without shopping districts? China is laced with spectacular places to visit, but when it comes to shopping ‘Wangfujing Street’ is brilliant. It is ripe with various shops to fulfill all possible needs one could possibly think of. Encompassing the Chinese culture and all it has to offer, it can be a goldmine for tourists looking to find souvenirs and other items of need.

Concluding Thoughts

Beijing is full with lovely places to visit and take in. These places are spread across the city, but all hold significant value on their own. All of the listed places are ranked as ‘must see’ for those that have never been to Beijing before.

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