We’re in the middle of winter here in Sydney and the weather is really bad. It rains every second day, and it’s really cold outside too. It’s not the winter we’d expect from a warm continent like Australia, but unfortunately, the global warming isn’t working at the moment. For some reason.

We had a few hours to spare so decided to use the spike in temperature and a bit of sun to go for a walk. We normally go walking just where we live, but this time we wanted to enjoy the view as well. There are many places in Sydney to enjoy a nice view, but the coast is just the best part of Sydney.

The closest place to see the ocean from us is the area of Botany Bay. It’s not just close geographically, but also there is the least amount of traffic going there. Although, this Sunday it took us well over 30 minutes to get there. Luckily, it was worth it. The weather was nice and the temperature bearable.

We didn’t expect to see so many people on the track. However, with this lockdown recently, and a bit of sun, a lot of people came out. At the actual lookout, there were hordes of people. One can get to the lookout following a foot trail, but there is also a road going there. One has to pay the park entry fee to use it, but most people oped for it, instead of walking. We wanted to walk. Get some exercise, that was our goal. And not having to pay park entry fee was just a bonus.

There is a lookout there where people can see whales traveling up and down the coast. A lot of people were using binoculars trying to spot whales, but from the look on their faces, they had no luck. We just decided to sit down comfortably and enjoy the sun and a fresh breeze from the ocean. Being locked in our home for days on end is just not healthy. It was really nice in the sun. Jacket off, lying down and looking at the ocean. Very relaxing.

Lucky for us, we checked the sky every now and then, because the storm came very quickly. The first drops of rain came as we were rushing back to the car. By the time we arrived back home, it was a completely different day outside. Dark and gloomy. And it was bucketing rain. Misery like most of the winter days lately. We had a little walk, and we enjoyed as much sun as we could. We have to replenish the vitamin D. Can’t rely on pills all the time.. 🙂

Below are a few pictures I took with my phone. I used to bring my big camera to walks like that. These days, if I don’t get paid, I don’t carry a big camera. 🙂 It’s really not worth the effort anyway. The nature looks dull during the day, especially in the bright sun. Too much contrast. Too… no good. So the phone pictures are just to remind me that I went there. Not to show off the place.

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