Many years ago, in the 1980s glamour photography was the thing. Soft, hazy images. Dreamy looks. Lingerie. It became a bit of a joke after that. They used ever stranger filters to create “dreamy” images of beautiful women. Then out of a sudden, it all stopped. Nobody wanted these images. They became a laughing stock to other photographers, and no-one really wanted these images again.

It took about 20 years for glamour photography to come back. This time, however, there was much less hazy filters, and much more about posing, and the expressions. I think Sue Bryce had a lot to do with making this art form popular again. I watched her as part of the Creative Live podcasts. She was great, and the images she produces were, and still are simply beautiful.

I still use a lot of her posing tips in my portraits. I pose women similar to what she did. I know that she didn’t invent those poses, but I learned them from her, and they work great. They simply make women look their best.

I also use some of her tips in my Boudoir Photography business. Good posing techniques are simply universal. They can be utilised in any photography genre. Apart from product photography, I guess. 🙂 I still pose women in a similar fashion, even if they wear some lingerie, or even less. These poses always work.

Lately, I am getting more and more inquiries for a boudoir photoshoot. I think women like sexy images. Even in the glamour years of the 80s they liked sexy. But sexy looked a little different in the 80s. I shoot as naturally as possible. Use very little retouching. Just some color correction and cropping in most cases.

I like dark and moody images. Shoot from the shadow side into the light. I like playing with light and shadows in my images. Shadows that hide a lot of the image, but leaves a lot to our imagination. They are now the most popular of my images. When I ask what women like, they always point at the images that are dark, and only show outlines of their bodies, rather than illuminate them perfectly.

I shoot natural light only now. I used to shoot with flash, even studio strobes, but I ditched them all. I only need a camera, 50mm lens and good light coming from a window. No other light is necessary. And the outcome is better than I have even been able to do. I’m pretty happy with my latest boudoir photography style.


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