I don’t. That’s for sure, simply because I am not on Tinder. If I was on Tinder, however, I would most likely get myself a set of good looking portraits.

I know what Tinder search looks like. I witnessed a friend of mine do her nightly Tinder search. It was no more than a 2 minute process where she went over about 50 profiles. Almost all of the profiles she swiped right also swiped right on her. So it was almost 100% hit rate. She was a good looking girl. That helps… 🙂

The thing is, she only swiped right on maybe 1 or 2 guys. I noticed her pause on a picture she liked. Then she looked at other pictures, some were good, most not good enough for her, but she never really read the profile. I don’t think people on Twitter care about the actually written profiles. It’s all about pictures.

Out of the 50 profiles she saw, she probably paused on 5-6. Looked at their other pictures, and only swiped right on 1 or 2. Yep. If I was on Tinder I would definitely get professional online dating photos. With just simple selfies taken against a bathroom mirror, as a man, I would have absolutely zero chance of getting a swipe right. At least not from a reasonably attractive woman.

The attractive women spend no more than a second on a profile. Not enough to judges a man’s character, but it seems more than enough to judge his looks. Sad thing is, women have become much more picky than men in the dating world. While men like most women on Tinder, most women only like the top 20% of men. This has been proven in a large study done on Tinder.

80% of women like the top 20% of men. Even women who would be judged as 2 or 3 want a man who is 8-10. I don’t know how that works, but it’s true. So, if I was a man, I would definitely get a kickass profile. I mean great online dating photos. I don’t know if I would bother with a written story. Nobody reads those.

Online dating is not fair for men. That’s definitely true. But instead of whining about it, a lot of men actually get good photos. Must adapt to changing times, and accept the system as it is. The alternative is getting frustrated and bitter. That’s definitely not cool or sexy. Will not attract any women.

It was on my last day in the Sapa region. I had a bus going back to Hanoi in the afternoon, so I did probably my most enjoyable tour during my entire visit to Sapa. A motorbike ride through Lao Chai and Tavan villages.

I hired a motorbike from the hotel. I think it was about 7$ for a day. Bargain. I took my GoPro and off I went. One thing I didn’t do was to check the fuel. Big mistake.

The villages of Lao Chai and Tavan are not far from Sapa, maybe 12km altogether, but the roads there are not paved. In many places it was just rocks and no sign of a road at all. The locals probably knew all the big rocks and hole in the road, so they were riding pretty fast. I was slow. I am not an experienced motorbike rider, so I took it easy.

However, after about 1 hour I got the hang of it and was able to make good time.

The villages are not far from Sapa, but they are far enough so that not many tourists go there. What I saw was just locals living their lives among the rice fields. Quite a different sight from Sapa, which is very tourist-oriented. I saw the rice fields. Most of them were already harvested, but one was late and it just looked great.

I also saw people handling rice after harvest. Extracting the grains, and drying them right next to the road. This looked like really hard work. I used to do that back in Poland about 40 years ago. Not rice, of course, but grains like wheat. We don’t do that anymore.

But I keep reminding myself that Vietnam now looks so much like Poland looked when I was little. Maybe that’s why I like this country so much. I felt at home.

The ride was about 3 hours. And that included a pit stop just before Sapa where I ran out of gas. Yes, I was that stupid. Luckily, the phone still worked and I was able to ask someone from the hotel to speak to one of the villages. Without hesitation, the lady in the store got on her bicycle and rode to eh village. About 10 minutes later she came back with a big bottle of gas.

The thing is, she only took 50.000 dong for it. I was more than happy to give her more, but she refused. In fact, when I gave her 100,000 d she insisted I take something from her shop for this amount of extra money. I remember people in Poland 30 years ago were also nice and helpful… Distant memory now, but still common in Vietnam.

Many years ago, in the 1980s glamour photography was the thing. Soft, hazy images. Dreamy looks. Lingerie. It became a bit of a joke after that. They used ever stranger filters to create “dreamy” images of beautiful women. Then out of a sudden, it all stopped. Nobody wanted these images. They became a laughing stock to other photographers, and no-one really wanted these images again.

It took about 20 years for glamour photography to come back. This time, however, there was much less hazy filters, and much more about posing, and the expressions. I think Sue Bryce had a lot to do with making this art form popular again. I watched her as part of the Creative Live podcasts. She was great, and the images she produces were, and still are simply beautiful.

I still use a lot of her posing tips in my portraits. I pose women similar to what she did. I know that she didn’t invent those poses, but I learned them from her, and they work great. They simply make women look their best.

I also use some of her tips in my Boudoir Photography business. Good posing techniques are simply universal. They can be utilised in any photography genre. Apart from product photography, I guess. 🙂 I still pose women in a similar fashion, even if they wear some lingerie, or even less. These poses always work.

Lately, I am getting more and more inquiries for a boudoir photoshoot. I think women like sexy images. Even in the glamour years of the 80s they liked sexy. But sexy looked a little different in the 80s. I shoot as naturally as possible. Use very little retouching. Just some color correction and cropping in most cases.

I like dark and moody images. Shoot from the shadow side into the light. I like playing with light and shadows in my images. Shadows that hide a lot of the image, but leaves a lot to our imagination. They are now the most popular of my images. When I ask what women like, they always point at the images that are dark, and only show outlines of their bodies, rather than illuminate them perfectly.

I shoot natural light only now. I used to shoot with flash, even studio strobes, but I ditched them all. I only need a camera, 50mm lens and good light coming from a window. No other light is necessary. And the outcome is better than I have even been able to do. I’m pretty happy with my latest boudoir photography style.


Here are a few things to remember while photographing children.

Making Children Pose
The most challenging aspect of children’s photography is making them pose for a photograph. The ideal way to frame them is actually not to make them pose. However, sometimes they need to sit or stand in a certain way for a particular photograph, for example, a passport photograph. Here, the children above the age of three can be instructed how to hold their bodies in specific positions. However, one has to let them take their time to do so. It is pointless to expect them to behave like adults and assume the right posture instantly. Children below the age of three would hardly understand what it needs to pose for a photograph. If you want to make them sit or stand in a particular way, then you have to wait for the right moment when they naturally do so.

Getting Their Expressions Right
Managing facial expressions, even in the case of adult, is difficult. It is more so in the case of children. The two most important aspects of the face are eye contact and smile. Although it is not mandatory to make eye contact or smile to look good in a photo, it is the easiest way to look cool. Here. however, technology can come to your rescue. There are cameras available in the market that are equipped with features such as smile detection and eye contact detection. A camera with the smile detection feature automatically clicks when the subject smiles. Similarly, the ones with eye detection feature take an automatic snap as soon as the lens meet the pupils of the subject. These are pretty handy devices to consider. If you have a more naturalistic approach, then you will definitely like to make the children smile at or give attention to you by using other means such as engaging them in a conversation or holding something in your hands that they would love to look at. But if you want to hold something in your hands, you have to first free your hands. You can use a tripod or any other stand to fix the camera at an ideal angle.

Finding the Right Direction
Whether you hold the camera or fix it on a tripod, deciding the angle from which the photograph is to be taken is crucial to the outcome of any photography. This general principle of photography to get the direction right is also applicable to children’s photography. There are two things to keep in mind while deciding the direction — the background and the subject. It is important to note how a child looks from a certain direction. What they wear or hold makes them look a certain way from a specific angle. Again, if they hold any object — let’s say a toy or a prop — it will have its best impact only from a specific angle. The other thing is the background. Ask yourself the question — “How does the background look from this direction?” Remember, the best snaps are the ones taken from a perfect angle.

Being in the Right Range
The range you decide to be in is just as important as the angle. The range is all about your distance from the subject and the height at which you hold the camera. It is seen that photographs that are taken from the eye level of the subject are the most alive. Children being much smaller than you, you may have to sit on the floor or even lie on your stomach for the right kind of appeal. Good children photographers get into all kinds of positions just for the sake of the ideal range. If you conveniently sit or stand while taking a child’s photograph, then be sure you have lost half the appeal. So far as distance is concerned, there is no ideal distance. However, in children photography, the closer you are to the subject, the better is the scope of capturing their best expressions and mannerisms which make them look the cutest.

Deciding on the Use of Flash
It is always good to use natural light for photography. However, at times you are bound to use the flash. It is better to use Automatic Flash while photographing children to ensure that it doesn’t hurt their sensitive eyes. They almost do not know that there was a click if you use this feature. External flash can be used while taking photographs of older children. But in any case, the flash should not directly strike a child’s eyes.

You can take it for granted that some children will just not cooperate once they are aware that their photograph is being taken. Apart from these technical aspects of photography, therefore, you need to have good ‘child skills’ to understand children better and to know how to make them do, in the most natural way, what you want them to, while taking their stills. Be as quick as the children are since most of them wouldn’t know how to hold a particular emotion or expression on their face. Small children, particularly, change moods within a few seconds and cannot hold any single expression for a long time. Be friendly and have a lot of patience while capturing them. Be alert to each of their cues and they will not disappoint you.

Benefits of Private Photography Workshop

There are no shortcuts to mastering an art. Although the advent of more user-friendly DSLRs has taken the market by storm, the perfect snap is still an elusive one for most photography aficionados and budding photographers. Private photography workshop is highly recommended for people who have taken a serious liking to camera of late. Workshops have long been extremely effective for people who own a digital single lens reflex camera, possess some basic knowledge of photography and are also too short on time to afford attending classes on a regular basis.

Essential Guidance

Like every other art form, photography too is something that you can learn and master over a period of practice when guided in the right direction. In a private photography workshop, you will get to spend at least a couple of hours with an experienced photographer. He will teach you the nuances of this art form and answer all your queries right away. So these private workshops have great value for budding photojournalists and other aspiring professionals who tend to harbor a lot of questions and queries in their minds.

Learning Technicalities

You will be taught how to overcome the Auto-mode stasis and unleash your camera’s true creative powers. There will be lessons on how to deal with technicalities such as aperture and shutter speed in the process of capturing professional quality photographs. You can learn these details at your own pace and gradually employ them in your practice.


Long-term photography courses are often designed to make you learn less and pay more. There are people who lament their loss of time and money in attending photography classes when they could have acquired more knowledge in three-hour workshops. A private photography workshop will help you understand your camera better and develop a keen eye for photographic moments and sceneries. Your mentor will not simply give you a range of settings to use on your camera for future photographs. In fact he will explain the various mechanisms of photographic representation so that you can apply the correct settings yourself as and when you take a picture in specific light conditions.

One-on-one Interaction

There is more to photography workshops than meets the eye. You will also get tips on camera paraphernalia, photo editing and other things that may be relevant to you. This is the main advantage of attending a private photography workshop. The one-on-one interaction allows you to break free from all restraints of classroom pedagogy and address your queries more directly to your mentor.

Online Dating Photography

Congratulations Visitor! You are now one step ahead towards making memories that live with you forever. The world of online dating has seen many developments over the years. Unlike the previous stigma attached to it, online dating is benign and exciting. It is a rapidly increasing trend among the masses who do not believe in restricting their worlds to their immediate surrounding but in exploring all the possibilities provided to them via the internet.

When dating online, the first impression that the other person has of you comes from your online dating profile picture. You are not physically present in front of your object of affection and it is your profile picture that speaks for you. In the light of this fact, it is highly recommended to choose a professional photographer to click images of you that will sway your potential partner in the very first look. The right click is what that makes all the difference in the world of online dating. It is a proven fact that people who put professionally clicked photographs on their online dating sites find their first date within the first week of their online dating experience.

Choosing a professional online dating photographer is the smartest thing you can do to ensure that your dating experience becomes worthy. It will be stupid to depend on a selfie, snapshot or an inexperienced photographer to fetch you an amazing date. The right photos can only be obtained by hiring a professional online dating photographer that possesses a good amount of experience in this field. He will make sure that your finest facet is put forward and click the right photo which will ensure that you get noticed.

Clicking online dating photographs is an art in itself because only an experienced and passionate photographer knows how to maintain a natural aura in your photographers while making you look amazing. The poses and expressions are well thought of and are nicely highlighted in the photographs.

Why Choose Me?
I am a professional online dating photographer with ample experience in the field of Portrait and Headshot photography. I am an amazing person to work with because I know how to make my client comfortable during the photography session. I make sure that the session is both fun and worthwhile for my clients. I believe in value for money and hence, put my best foot forward when clicking any client to ensure their utmost satisfaction with my work.

My skills comprise of making the simplest of poses and expressions come out in the best possible manner. I can make your photos look casual yet professional that will definitely warrant a good date when you use them as your online dating profile picture. I even provide with retouching services. My set of skills also incorporates high-end retouching skills. In case you feel that the photograph requires digital enhancement, I can modify the pictures to suit your needs. I can alter or enhance all the issues that reduce the appeal of a photograph like inappropriate lighting, the presence of shadow, uneven contrast, and bad color scheme. You can be sure that all your photographers will portray you in your “best light”.

Bride Photography That Makes An Event Memorable

Any photographer who occasionally takes photos of the bride knows the importance of having picture perfect photography. I mean, this is probably the biggest day for the bride. Furthermore, it is a once in a lifetime event considering that there are no rehearsal marriages. In order to ensure the photos will always bring back beautiful memories with melancholy, it is important to apply the following 5 rules of bride photography.

Dress for the Occasion

A person who has been privileged to take photos of the bride knows the importance of dressing. Although the activity may look mundane, it holds great value to the couples. As a bridal photographer, you may need to consider dressing that will go well with the event. This may entail dressing up for the occasion. You would want to look shabby or out of place in such an elegant setting. The attire should also be comfortable and flexible to make movement and taking shots easy.

Arrive Early

One of the cardinal rules of bridal photography is arriving early. This enables you capture all the moments before, during, as well as after. This is becoming more crucial as more people opt for photojournalistic, documentary, or cinematic wedding photography. So as not to miss any moment, a photographer needs to have an idea of the wedding venue, the bride’s home, as well as the best routes to use. Visiting the venues early in advance is always a good move.

Check Your Apparatus

It is true that the “Big Day” belongs to the bride. However, it is a known fact that it is the photographer who makes the event memorable. Everybody knows that “pictures are worth a thousand words.” The finest and most elegant wedding that has not been captured properly will always fade over time. To make sure that you capture every moment, it is essential to ensure your photography equipment is in good condition.

Focus on the Bride

A good photographer needs to fully focus on the bride. This can sometimes become a challenge especially when family and guests want to be photographed with the bride. You may need to practice your skills in crowd control. This entails use of polite language. At times, it may entail taking a strategic position before the event has started. For instance, seating at the aisle seat during a church wedding.

Capture Every Moment

Any experienced photographer knows that it is the little moments that count. Try to capture moments that may seem less important. For instance, the first tear drop during the exchange of vows, or the first false step during the father and daughter dance, or maybe when the bride has her words mixed up. Such are the moments that make a lasting memory.

The wedding day is always about the bride. It is about making her standout from the crowd. Proper photography will not only make her look good, but will also make certain that she also feels good. By adhering to the above 5 rules of bride photography , you are not only guaranteed of striking photography, but also having a hand in making cherished moments for the couples, family, friends as well as their guests.

Consider this when photographing couples.

When it comes to couple photos, there are rules of couples photography that you should be familiar with. In photography, you can shoot a candid photo that showcases a strong bond between the couple. Depending on the pose, there are certain considerations to bear in mind in order to take great couple portraits. Always bear in mind that careful planning can drastically improve the results.

Planning in advance

Even though spontaneity has been the approach used by many, it is still important to plan before shooting. The planning phase should include the location, clothing to be used, camera to use and the poses of the subjects. If you do not want to take the couple photos in the studio, you can use an outdoor location such as a garden. In doing so, the foliage will serve as the backdrop. The natural lighting will work best since it is difficult to utilize directional light on two people. As for daylight settings, the fine grain of ISO 100 film is the best choice for shooting photos.

Shooting posed photos

Unlike with the candid photos where subjects are unaware of the camera, you have to arrange the subjects in order to create a vibrant arrangement. In case you are shooting a head-and-shoulders photo, it is best to position the face of one subject slightly higher than the other. A good example is to position the man a step behind the woman. A rule of thumb is to pose the couple so that the mouth of one and the eyes of the other are uniform on an imaginary line.

Supplementary lighting

For additional lighting, you can utilize white cardboard or one that is covered with a silver or gold finish. This reflector is very is useful if you want the light to bounce back into the shadow areas on the face of the subjects. It is also best to experiment with fill flash to achieve additional lighting. Just be careful when lighting couples since the illumination on both faces must be even.

Different camera angles

Once you have taken several couple photos, it is time to try at different vantage points such as shooting below or above. You can position on the side of the man in order to shoot the face of the woman looking at him. You can also get behind the couple and shoot the back of their heads close together. Depending on your preferences, you might want to try out these vantage points.

Candid couple photos

For candid photos of a couple, it is important to capture moments when the subjects are involved with one another. Essentially, the couple should be comfortable and not aware of the presence of the camera. The rapport between the couple will make it possible for you to shoot them at close vicinity or provide them space by simply using the zoom function on them. One way to increase your chances of capturing a special moment is to be always ready with your camera. All you have to do is to preset the exposure of the camera and observe via the viewfinder so that you will not miss out on any special moments. Do not forget to take a lot of photos since some candid shots will surely turn out better than the others.

By sticking with the 5 rules of couples photography, it will surely increase your chances of getting great quality photos for couples whether for casual photos or formal events.

When it comes to the delicate art of portrait photography, not everyone holding a camera can churn out a masterpiece. This is because the non-skilled photographer is not aware of the rules that help the more experienced photographer to be very good at taking portraits. The discussion below presents the top 5 rules of portrait photography that will help those interested in becoming better and better at their craft.

1 Use A Wide Aperture.A wide aperture allows you to keep the entire face of the person you are photographing in focus. This sharp focus should, however, be done in such a way that you still have a blur in the background of the photograph. The blur is critical because it helps you to distinguish the background from the person you are photographing. Practice on your camera and find that wide aperture which will help you focus on the client while having a minimal blur in the background.

2 Make The Subject Look Straight Into The Camera.When it comes to eye direction, it is best to have the subject look straight into the camera as that gives the portrait a power that draws whoever views it. A slight variation of this rule is to ensure the eyes of the subject face where the nose is pointing so that these two major features are aligned.

3 A Longer Focal Length Is Best. A long focal length of say 100 mm is very good for the subject. This is because their facial features can get somehow compressed so that they look thinner and more flattering. There is no point in taking a photograph that will not be pleasing because all features are so sharp that they look bigger than they actually are.

4 Provide Light From Another Source Other Than What The Camera Has. In online dating photography, getting the lighting right is at least half the job done. Use lighting that comes from a direction that differs in a small degree from the direction of the camera light and the portrait will have that depth that gives it character.If the worst comes to the worst, use the light from the window and move the person so that the light angle is just right for portrait depth.

5 Avoid Having Your Subject Stand Straight Facing The Camera.When they stand straight facing the camera, the subject of the portrait will look very wide and unattractive. The best way is to position the person in such a way that they are turning slightly into the camera. Position the shoulders such that one is a bit lower than the other. This posture makes the person look slightly smaller and more captivating.

Final Thoughts. You may have your say about the rules presented above, but the best way to form an opinion is to first try something then base on the results you get to form an opinion. What can be asserted here is that the above 5 rules of portrait photography presented here do work well and when followed, the quality of portraits taken will jump up a notch. So, what are you waiting for? Go try them out!

Capture the first dance. Focus on the ring exchange. With so many things playing behind your mind, it is quite easy to forget what things to consider and what not. Apart from composition, there are 5 rules of wedding photography that you need to strictly follow. No wonder most photographers find it to be really difficult. Getting the perfect shot is
extremely necessary because you do not get to reshoot. Also, the clients have an emotional attachment with these photos. So they have to be just perfect.

Communication with the couple

The first among the 5 rules of wedding photography is no doubt communication. In order to make it successful, communicating with the couple is important. You should get to know them well since it is them that you will capture in the camera. Get to know what is it that they are looking from you and they also need to be aware what you will deliver.

Scout the photo shoot location

Just before you begin to start your wedding photography it is important to go through the location. In fact scouting the location should be done earlier and not at the same time
when the wedding is about to take place. This way you have a clear idea as how the place looks at that particular time. For example if you scout that location at around the morning and the wedding is about to take place late evening, this is no use. The lighting at both these times will be different. Take a couple of shots of the place where the wedding is about to take place. Also take other shots if you think you need it. Practicing it will prevent you from accounting any problem later. This will help to track the issue and find solutions to it.

Prepare a shot list for yourself

The next among the 5 rules of wedding photography is to have a shot list for yourself. For a wedding photographer the shot list serves as a lifeline. Having a shot list will prevent you from forgetting any important thing in the hectic schedule. Also take some time to customize the list with the couple. It is very likely that many couple will want themselves clicked while getting dressed. In case of group shots too there might be some things to consider. Going through the shot list along with couple will help you get better wedding photos.

Be firm but also polite

Managing all the family members can be a big thing to do. Often things go out of control when you need to click a big family photograph at a wedding. You sure don’t want to be pushed aside right? So be polite to the guest and take their permission before clicking them. Talk to the couple and sort it out. In most cases the guests will listen
to them more than you. This way if you have the couple by your side things are likely to be smoother.

Carry chargers, cords and multiple batteries

The last among the 5 rules of wedding photography is to reduce the chance of equipment failure. Carrying sufficient memory cards and two cameras is essential. Also carry extra batteries to prevent chance of losing charge.

In case of wedding photography a photographer must also take into consideration the rules of the wedding place. Many churches have their own rules about clicking pictures, so
keep that in mind.