Bride Photography That Makes An Event Memorable

Any photographer who occasionally takes photos of the bride knows the importance of having picture perfect photography. I mean, this is probably the biggest day for the bride. Furthermore, it is a once in a lifetime event considering that there are no rehearsal marriages. In order to ensure the photos will always bring back beautiful memories with melancholy, it is important to apply the following 5 rules of bride photography.

Dress for the Occasion

A person who has been privileged to take photos of the bride knows the importance of dressing. Although the activity may look mundane, it holds great value to the couples. As a bridal photographer, you may need to consider dressing that will go well with the event. This may entail dressing up for the occasion. You would want to look shabby or out of place in such an elegant setting. The attire should also be comfortable and flexible to make movement and taking shots easy.

Arrive Early

One of the cardinal rules of bridal photography is arriving early. This enables you capture all the moments before, during, as well as after. This is becoming more crucial as more people opt for photojournalistic, documentary, or cinematic wedding photography. So as not to miss any moment, a photographer needs to have an idea of the wedding venue, the bride’s home, as well as the best routes to use. Visiting the venues early in advance is always a good move.

Check Your Apparatus

It is true that the “Big Day” belongs to the bride. However, it is a known fact that it is the photographer who makes the event memorable. Everybody knows that “pictures are worth a thousand words.” The finest and most elegant wedding that has not been captured properly will always fade over time. To make sure that you capture every moment, it is essential to ensure your photography equipment is in good condition.

Focus on the Bride

A good photographer needs to fully focus on the bride. This can sometimes become a challenge especially when family and guests want to be photographed with the bride. You may need to practice your skills in crowd control. This entails use of polite language. At times, it may entail taking a strategic position before the event has started. For instance, seating at the aisle seat during a church wedding.

Capture Every Moment

Any experienced photographer knows that it is the little moments that count. Try to capture moments that may seem less important. For instance, the first tear drop during the exchange of vows, or the first false step during the father and daughter dance, or maybe when the bride has her words mixed up. Such are the moments that make a lasting memory.

The wedding day is always about the bride. It is about making her standout from the crowd. Proper photography will not only make her look good, but will also make certain that she also feels good. By adhering to the above 5 rules of bride photography , you are not only guaranteed of striking photography, but also having a hand in making cherished moments for the couples, family, friends as well as their guests.

Capture the first dance. Focus on the ring exchange. With so many things playing behind your mind, it is quite easy to forget what things to consider and what not. Apart from composition, there are 5 rules of wedding photography that you need to strictly follow. No wonder most photographers find it to be really difficult. Getting the perfect shot is
extremely necessary because you do not get to reshoot. Also, the clients have an emotional attachment with these photos. So they have to be just perfect.

Communication with the couple

The first among the 5 rules of wedding photography is no doubt communication. In order to make it successful, communicating with the couple is important. You should get to know them well since it is them that you will capture in the camera. Get to know what is it that they are looking from you and they also need to be aware what you will deliver.

Scout the photo shoot location

Just before you begin to start your wedding photography it is important to go through the location. In fact scouting the location should be done earlier and not at the same time
when the wedding is about to take place. This way you have a clear idea as how the place looks at that particular time. For example if you scout that location at around the morning and the wedding is about to take place late evening, this is no use. The lighting at both these times will be different. Take a couple of shots of the place where the wedding is about to take place. Also take other shots if you think you need it. Practicing it will prevent you from accounting any problem later. This will help to track the issue and find solutions to it.

Prepare a shot list for yourself

The next among the 5 rules of wedding photography is to have a shot list for yourself. For a wedding photographer the shot list serves as a lifeline. Having a shot list will prevent you from forgetting any important thing in the hectic schedule. Also take some time to customize the list with the couple. It is very likely that many couple will want themselves clicked while getting dressed. In case of group shots too there might be some things to consider. Going through the shot list along with couple will help you get better wedding photos.

Be firm but also polite

Managing all the family members can be a big thing to do. Often things go out of control when you need to click a big family photograph at a wedding. You sure don’t want to be pushed aside right? So be polite to the guest and take their permission before clicking them. Talk to the couple and sort it out. In most cases the guests will listen
to them more than you. This way if you have the couple by your side things are likely to be smoother.

Carry chargers, cords and multiple batteries

The last among the 5 rules of wedding photography is to reduce the chance of equipment failure. Carrying sufficient memory cards and two cameras is essential. Also carry extra batteries to prevent chance of losing charge.

In case of wedding photography a photographer must also take into consideration the rules of the wedding place. Many churches have their own rules about clicking pictures, so
keep that in mind.

What is documentary wedding photography style

There are various styles of photography. These styles range from formal to traditional to creative posing. Documentary wedding photography style
differs from the classical style in that the documentary form is a close up view of the wedding over a timeline. It is a picture by picture, frame by
frame, way of documenting the wedding day story. Generally, documentary photography is a hands-off photography style. In fact, this is a very unobtrusive way
of capturing the moments of your wedding day in natural way allowing the other people to remember it just like they unfolded. In this kind of style, there is no
posing or gathering people together to take pictures. The photographer captures what has taken place from one point in time to another including events within “documenting the event.”The photographer ensures they connect with the couple, friends and the family while following the events of the day. The photographer does not put pressure on the couple,
family or the guests.

The importance of the documentary wedding photography style is the objectiveness of the photos .The style put much
focus on a contextual, narrative style to build a comprehensive coverage of the events of wedding day right from the arrangements at home, to the celebrations later in the evening. In other words, the photographer’s intent is to shoot photographs capturing the real moments just as they occur. This style produces photos that are not only
objective but also those that are a lifetime treasure. Generally, the photographs indicate time progression and have a timeless effect which is captured

With documentary wedding photography style, the day proceeds naturally and the couple, family, friends and guests do not need not to pose for photographs. Everyone can focus on the events of the wedding day without drawing their attention the camera. With this style, an aspect of storytelling is created. The kind of photographs taken will be able
to show what was actually happening and how the day looked like.

Like any other photography style, the documentary style needs the photographer to have honed talent and professional skills to capture the entire day. However, it does not mean that the photographer will follow guests around and continuously snap, quite the contrary.

Good documentary wedding photography is actually an art created as events progress. As a result, there must be good thought that is attached to this kind of style. In order to take the best shots, the photographer has to be keen and whenever he sees a precious, memorable moment, they capture it immediately. Truly, it requires very fluid, creative capability evolving around every minute of the special day. The captured moments’ sanctity and their realities will be highly valued now in the same way they will 25 years to come.

Documentary wedding photography style is not just a progression of the big day, but one mixed with artistic talent, combined with timing, that cannot be presented
by any other photography style. This style can be quite compelling and a unique perspective of your wedding day. Choosing the documentary wedding
photography style can bring simple and pure results.

Best locations for wedding photography

Best locations for wedding photography

There are a lot of options when you want to choose your wedding photography session location. But do you know where to start? Your wedding photo session location should bring out your taste, personality and style. Always know what you would want with your wedding photos once they are completed. Ask yourself some of these questions to help you in finding your best locations for wedding photography.

· What do you want with the photos? Is it creating a statement wall in your house or just preserving them in a coffee table book.

· What do you like to do when you are out of your life bustle and hustle?

· Where do you visit often? Your favorite places, near or far.

Themed locations

Themed doesn’t necessary mean costumes and masquerades, however if that is your style, you should embrace it for you wedding photos. Your wedding photos need to embrace
an overall vibe and feel. Ask yourself, “What does this vibe look like?”

· Is it playful?

· Are your outdoor going?

· Do you love the beach? City life?

When you know about these vibes, you will be able to choose your best location for wedding photography.

Indoor locations

May be you like the calm chill of indoor life, combined with a good book and a hot cup of coffee. Or even there is that new joint which you like to go and hung out. No matter
what style you like about indoors, you can’t miss a place which is perfect for your wedding photography. Most of the indoors locations which are not for large events gathering will allow you to have a discreet wedding photos session. However, for larger photo taking session, you may be required to have a special permit, but you never know unless you ask. You should get creative for your wedding photo session to have a reflection of your lifestyle.

Urban locations

Does city life excite you? The beauty of your city, skyscrapers, shopping malls, loft-style living, alleyways, gritty grunge, architecture. Do you love these
things? If this describes your life, then your wedding photo session need to be in the city.

Outdoor greenery

Your spirit wants to fly free; free from restrictions, walls and boundaries! Then your best location for wedding photography is outside, under the trees, among the
wildlife animals or near the waterfall. Woodland outdoors shine well in the evening sun, therefore, be ready to bask in the glow. Greenery is without a doubt
very pretty, but it gets boring when it is in every photo. Combine it with doorways, brick walls and architectural details to add that little bit of interest.

Tip for your wedding photo session

It seems a bit stiff if you just stand in front of a camera in every photo you are taken; try to change your posture every now and then. Find a location with steps were
you can sit and a place you can lean. This will not only make your photos to be exciting, but also help your photographer to change the camera angles without
the need to step on a ladder or a stepstool.

Wedding Photography Checklist of Must-take Photos

Are you planning a wedding ceremony? Despite how the ceremony looks like, you will need a reminder of this big day. The only thing within reach is only the photographs taken on this event. This is why it is very important to plan a wedding photography checklist of must- take photos.

This is done earlier before the big day by discussing the details with your photographer. Even though your photographer has great skills and experience, it is important to discuss the details of your photo needs during this day since all the weddings are not alike. Some details may be not necessary to some people while they are to you. To avoid regrets, it is advisable to make a list of must take photos.

How to make wedding photography checklist of must-take photos

Before the big day, you may engage the photographer and take some few photos to gain courage in front of the camera before the big day. Also important to let you know your photographer before engaging him on the bigger project.

After you have to an agreement with your photographer, design on the order of priority and how the photos will be taken on a chronological order. The checklist may be as follows

On the big day you may start taking the photos from when the bride prepares

Since women are always photogenic, it is important to give extra attention to the bride

  • While getting ready, ensure the following events
    have been captured.
  • The brides dress on the chair or the hanger
  • Bride’s shoe
  • Bride’s bouquet
  • When the bride is applying her make up
  • The maids preparing
  • While the bride puts on the garter
  • While the bridesmaid helps the bride and helping
    her dress.
  • Catch the close up for the dress details
  • Bride with brides maid moments before the event
  • Bride’s appreciation of her mom with a hug.
  • Flower girls getting ready and when they are
    good to go
  • Putting finishing touches like adding the veil
    by the bride’s maid
  • The solitude moment of the bride. This is at the
    time she is spending moments alone thinking.
  • Take a shot of the brides dress while it
    displays full length and the bride is ready to go.
  • On the groom side, take a short while the groom
    is putting on his tie
  • Take another while the groom is spending fun
    moments with groomsmen
  • Take one for the ring bearer
  • Groom with the dad, hugging or whispering
  • Two consecutive shots one on the bride boarding
    her car and a separate one for the groom boarding his car

When the ceremony begins

  • Groom’s anxiety should be captured. Seen if the
    groom looks outside through the window to establish if the bride has arrived.
  • The arrival of the bride
  • Bride stepping out of the car

This is just an example. There are more activities to be captured by the camera. Clear instructions and details will give you smart results and easier task for your photographer. It is advisable to prepare wedding photography checklist of must-take photos to avoid regrets that may come later when the event is irreversible.

Why Choose Professional Photographers for Wedding?

Wedding can be one of the many unforgettable memories among many people. Whether you are getting
married, single, or a guest, surely, you do not want to miss the event by not having souvenirs.
Pictures are the brilliant souvenirs for weddings, so they have to be taken in
great quality to keep for a very long time. They can be passed on from
generation to generation. This is why there are professional photographers for
wedding to make real events become forever — the pictures. However, not all
photographers can provide you high quality images. For this matter, you should
choose one that is the best among the rest.

Choosing a professional photographer can be very difficult, as you have to gather information from your
acquaintances, family, or friends about the best professional photographer
available around you. No matter who you choose, professional photographers can
produce pictures of your wedding, regardless of the quality. The most essential
part is that they provide pictures as wedding souvenirs. Many people think that
choosing professional photographers is just a waste of money. They think that any
high-end digital camera can work wonders for taking high quality pictures,
which is actually false.

A professional photographer knows what’s best. They can properly adjust the scene and settings
of their digital equipment suitable for a particular wedding. They use
different lenses to take a great shot. They know the best spot to take images during
pre-nuptials, wedding ceremony, and the preparation: wearing of bridal gown and
applying beauty cosmetics. Unlike when you ask someone (who is not professional)
to take pictures of your wedding, a professional photographer can take shots without
a single miss. Oftentimes, if you only ask a friend or a family member, he/she
could miss memorable scenes, such as the “you may kiss the bride” moment.

In addition, your friend could make another blooper in taking pictures of you walking down the
aisle. He/she could possibly take 50 or more shots, but then, there is no
guarantee that he/she would get a single ‘great’ picture. Regret always comes
later, and he/she would realize that he had made a mistake in adjusting the
focus settings. It should have set for moving objects to prevent out of focus
during the scene. Hence, only a professional photographer can come up with a
clear, focused image, even if the subject is moving.

An amateur photographer may not have any idea about selecting the perfect spot during the formals,
which comes after the ceremony. Choosing an outdoor spot is not easy. It has to
be in accordance with the present weather. If it’s a bright noonday, the settings must be adjusted to suit the light and prevent under exposing
the entire scene. The same goes for other time of the day. Once more, only a
professional photographer knows what is best for a bright or dark
outdoor/indoor spots.

A professional photographer can produce DVD, a compilation of pictures of the entire wedding.
All pictures are edited with templates and other special effects that make newlyweds
cry (tears of joy). An amateur photographer cannot produce as great as what
professional photographers can. So, why choose professional photographer for
wedding? The answer is that no amateur photographer can ever create high quality
souvenirs of any wedding; it is only the professional photographers.

When you are planning to wed, it is important to view an engagement photo session as a fundamental aspect that defines your long waited goal. It serves as a right of passage making you and your significant other psyche for the big day-wedding. Engagement photo session is a special occasion for both of you; it creates a strong bond, why then have an engagement photography session?

Engagement photo session helps you to discover some sense on how to improve your big-day, to make it a success (wedding) through the photo session, you both learn a lot of different things, it serves as a rehearsal of the wedding day photo session, for instance, you discover texture and color effects that influence the quality of your photography. It provides a lot of experience; you can sit back and in retrospect choose what to add or exclude for your wedding day through the experience you have learned. The session helps you to learn how to get relaxed in front of a camera to improve the photos for your wedding; it helps you develop a warm rapport with your photographer as he/she gives you tips on to pose for better and quality photos. Practice is the key factor to develop a better end product; this is achieved in an engagement photo session.

Engagement photos helps for future memory, once you get married, you will go for your honeymoon, during this time of hot romance, and cuddling, you will want to reflect how you met and where it all began. Having engagement photo session will serve as a nice memory builder, a reminder of the days when you used to date. Somehow naïve and conscious with the gait of your spouse, they are good for future reminiscence, a nostalgic way of passing time even in your older years in marriage-lets say 30 years later. Engagement photos can also serve as a wedding invitation photos, you will select the best ones you took during your engagement and you can choose to place them at the table of your reception desk during the wedding day.

Engagement photo sessions serves as an emotional connection between you and the photographer, this is because there is time to talk and make jokes as compared to a wedding day where you are much connected to your spouse. During this time, the photographer gets to know your inner self, personality and attitude, this opportunity enables your photographer know both your characters and behavior. Another reason for this session is that; it creates a long lasting friendship with the photographer, he/she will not disappoint you during the wedding opting for a better paying contract, even if you pay little amount, they will sacrifice their time and energy to dedicate it to your big day.

Why have an engagement photography session, is an important thought that should be answered with a lot of ease considering the above mentioned reasons, it serves as a confidence builder, creates a positive rapport between you and your photographer and avoids some embarrassing moments you would have done in your big day. Therefore consider this as a fundamental aspect of your journey down the aile.