The Louis Vuitton Keepall

Louis Vuitton is one of the most enduring, well-known names in the high-altitude industry of retail luxury goods. One tried-and-true test of this is the famous monogram of the brand, two letters that all fashionistas, most women, and not a few men the world over can recognize at a glance.

The fashion house of Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854. Since then, the high-end line of leather goods, clothes, jewelry, sunglasses, and other accessories have gained a large, faithful following in the haute world, and the brand’s status is forever entrenched in the annals of fashion.

This formidable name has translated well into fiscal success for Luis Vuitton. Just this May, Bloomberg reported the Paris-based brand as the world’s most luxurious — for the seventh consecutive year. According to the same report, it is currently valued at almost $26 billion.

The Struggle in the Beginning

So what is it about Louis Vuitton that keeps the monied masses enthralled, enough to keep the iconic monogram in the limelight, as the rich, famous, and wannabe famous continue to wear it in one form or another about their persons?

The empire started by Louis Vuitton in the mid-19th century started with travel trunks. Innovation on his canvas trunks allowed Louis Vuitton to stay ahead of the pack, but soon, imitations and counterfeiting became a problem, especially for his signature product, the Canvas Monogram. It was not until his son, Georges Vuitton, patented the brand’s emblematic symbols – the LV symbol, the quatrefoil and the flowers – that Louis Vuitton also began to grow in the international market.

Introducing, The Keepall

To date, Louis Vuittion maintains three iconic bags in their luggage line, among their numerous collections. The Neverfull, a large tote, the Speedy, a small carryall, and its original, bigger, version the Keepfull, which was first crafted in 1930 and touted as the classic, stylish travel bag to end all travel bags.

On the Louis Vuitton website, in the travel section for men, the Keepall is described with a “timeless shape, lightness, and practical way to carry.” It is also named for its roominess, and the current models, the Keepall Bandoliere 45 and 55, have dimensions that are quite generous for a casual traveler. Both come in four different designs: 1) monogram canvass, 2) monogram macassar canvas, 3) Damier graphic canvas, and 4) Damier Azur canvas.

The Keepall is the bag of choice of stylish travelers who need a deep space, yet do not want to lug along an actual trunk. The bag’s weightlessness and durability means it can be loaded with essentials plus a few more pieces, and it will still look and handle well. The instantly recognizable design is an added boon, identifying the traveler’s understated sense of fashion.

While the Keepall is in light, waterproof canvass, its trim and rounded handles are soft leather. A detachable, longer, leather strap also comes with it, comfortably padded at the shoulder. Care for the Keepall is simple and uncomplicated: damp cloth with gentle soap for the canvas, and soft dry cloth for the leather parts. If done correctly and as often as needed, the lifespan should be comparable to that of leather. Needless to say, something as timeless and elegant as the Keepall should be kept away from rough, scratchy surfaces, damp places, and high heat. The best storage for it is the felt bag that comes with the purchase.

One other special touch that Louis Vuitton offers is hotstamping, or personalizing its products. Customers are allowed the pride of seeing their classic Keepall monogrammed with their initials (dotted or undotted), in a selection of colors, and placed anywhere on the bag. Of course, experienced personnel are on hand to give helpful advice, as this service is only offered in stores.