Onine dating photos Vietnam

I don’t. That’s for sure, simply because I am not on Tinder. If I was on Tinder, however, I would most likely get myself a set of good looking portraits.

I know what Tinder search looks like. I witnessed a friend of mine do her nightly Tinder search. It was no more than a 2 minute process where she went over about 50 profiles. Almost all of the profiles she swiped right also swiped right on her. So it was almost 100% hit rate. She was a good looking girl. That helps… 🙂

The thing is, she only swiped right on maybe 1 or 2 guys. I noticed her pause on a picture she liked. Then she looked at other pictures, some were good, most not good enough for her, but she never really read the profile. I don’t think people on Twitter care about the actually written profiles. It’s all about pictures.

Out of the 50 profiles she saw, she probably paused on 5-6. Looked at their other pictures, and only swiped right on 1 or 2. Yep. If I was on Tinder I would definitely get professional online dating photos. With just simple selfies taken against a bathroom mirror, as a man, I would have absolutely zero chance of getting a swipe right. At least not from a reasonably attractive woman.

The attractive women spend no more than a second on a profile. Not enough to judges a man’s character, but it seems more than enough to judge his looks. Sad thing is, women have become much more picky than men in the dating world. While men like most women on Tinder, most women only like the top 20% of men. This has been proven in a large study done on Tinder.

80% of women like the top 20% of men. Even women who would be judged as 2 or 3 want a man who is 8-10. I don’t know how that works, but it’s true. So, if I was a man, I would definitely get a kickass profile. I mean great online dating photos. I don’t know if I would bother with a written story. Nobody reads those.

Online dating is not fair for men. That’s definitely true. But instead of whining about it, a lot of men actually get good photos. Must adapt to changing times, and accept the system as it is. The alternative is getting frustrated and bitter. That’s definitely not cool or sexy. Will not attract any women.

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