When it comes to the delicate art of portrait photography, not everyone holding a camera can churn out a masterpiece. This is because the non-skilled photographer is not aware of the rules that help the more experienced photographer to be very good at taking portraits. The discussion below presents the top 5 rules of portrait photography that will help those interested in becoming better and better at their craft.

1 Use A Wide Aperture.A wide aperture allows you to keep the entire face of the person you are photographing in focus. This sharp focus should, however, be done in such a way that you still have a blur in the background of the photograph. The blur is critical because it helps you to distinguish the background from the person you are photographing. Practice on your camera and find that wide aperture which will help you focus on the client while having a minimal blur in the background.

2 Make The Subject Look Straight Into The Camera.When it comes to eye direction, it is best to have the subject look straight into the camera as that gives the portrait a power that draws whoever views it. A slight variation of this rule is to ensure the eyes of the subject face where the nose is pointing so that these two major features are aligned.

3 A Longer Focal Length Is Best. A long focal length of say 100 mm is very good for the subject. This is because their facial features can get somehow compressed so that they look thinner and more flattering. There is no point in taking a photograph that will not be pleasing because all features are so sharp that they look bigger than they actually are.

4 Provide Light From Another Source Other Than What The Camera Has. In online dating photography, getting the lighting right is at least half the job done. Use lighting that comes from a direction that differs in a small degree from the direction of the camera light and the portrait will have that depth that gives it character.If the worst comes to the worst, use the light from the window and move the person so that the light angle is just right for portrait depth.

5 Avoid Having Your Subject Stand Straight Facing The Camera.When they stand straight facing the camera, the subject of the portrait will look very wide and unattractive. The best way is to position the person in such a way that they are turning slightly into the camera. Position the shoulders such that one is a bit lower than the other. This posture makes the person look slightly smaller and more captivating.

Final Thoughts. You may have your say about the rules presented above, but the best way to form an opinion is to first try something then base on the results you get to form an opinion. What can be asserted here is that the above 5 rules of portrait photography presented here do work well and when followed, the quality of portraits taken will jump up a notch. So, what are you waiting for? Go try them out!

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