Latin Quater tourist guide.


Do you feel you are surrounded by zombies and desperately need a dose of intelligent conversation? One of the sure shot ways of engaging in a friendly debate about politics, history or just about anything, is to wander the streets of Latin Quarter Paris. If you are a debate lover or simply bored and can speak a bit of French, you are good to go. The streets here are riddled with intellectuals and students, who are more than happy to spend hours talking to a complete stranger debating over a topic that is just waiting to be explored.
If debate is not your thing, don’t worry Latin Quarter, has a nice blend of awesome and interesting, in terms of its places of interests. Also known as 5th Arrondissement, Latin quarter is the central district of Paris, and saying it has good architecture is like saying Arnold Schwarzenegger used to lift a little.

Monuments and buildings here are larger than life and are sure keep even the most seasoned travelers mesmerised for hours. The Pantheon is surely one of them. Built originally as a church, the Pantheon now acts as secular mausoleum the houses the remains of the most individuals in French history. Its not only great in its size and stature but also features amazingly beautiful and intricate Gothic architecture. Apart from housing the remains of people like Voltaire, Alexander Dumas and 2 time noble winner Marie Curie, its architecture alone draws in millions tourists from all across the globe.

Before you pack your bags and head off to visit the place be sure that your camera has enough juice and memory, because there is going to be some serious clicking that day. And this is just the Pantheon, almost every street in Latin Quarter is filled with buildings and structures that are just outright awesome. So just stroll through the streets and take in the sights and the sounds.

These streets are filled with restaurants and eateries, however be warned some of them are so expensive that you might just have cash in your kid’s college fund. So if you are strolling through the streets and have had enough of history and architecture and want something to eat without getting ripped off, head to the local Farmer’s Market. Not only will the food here be cheaper but also a whole lot more fresh and tasty. With award winning bakeries and some of the best cheese, sausages, olives and oysters, known to mankind, this is a place you might regret not visiting. You can always take a guided tour of the place, however to get an authentic experience, just walk in and act like you belong. By the time you get out, you will be stuffed with the best food the French has to offer, and that alone is saying a lot.

Latin Quarter has food, activities and architecture that screams out “Paris”. Visiting the place is an absolute must for all, be it hardcore food lovers, architecture geeks or plain old average tourists.

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