Consider this when photographing couples.

When it comes to couple photos, there are rules of couples photography that you should be familiar with. In photography, you can shoot a candid photo that showcases a strong bond between the couple. Depending on the pose, there are certain considerations to bear in mind in order to take great couple portraits. Always bear in mind that careful planning can drastically improve the results.

Planning in advance

Even though spontaneity has been the approach used by many, it is still important to plan before shooting. The planning phase should include the location, clothing to be used, camera to use and the poses of the subjects. If you do not want to take the couple photos in the studio, you can use an outdoor location such as a garden. In doing so, the foliage will serve as the backdrop. The natural lighting will work best since it is difficult to utilize directional light on two people. As for daylight settings, the fine grain of ISO 100 film is the best choice for shooting photos.

Shooting posed photos

Unlike with the candid photos where subjects are unaware of the camera, you have to arrange the subjects in order to create a vibrant arrangement. In case you are shooting a head-and-shoulders photo, it is best to position the face of one subject slightly higher than the other. A good example is to position the man a step behind the woman. A rule of thumb is to pose the couple so that the mouth of one and the eyes of the other are uniform on an imaginary line.

Supplementary lighting

For additional lighting, you can utilize white cardboard or one that is covered with a silver or gold finish. This reflector is very is useful if you want the light to bounce back into the shadow areas on the face of the subjects. It is also best to experiment with fill flash to achieve additional lighting. Just be careful when lighting couples since the illumination on both faces must be even.

Different camera angles

Once you have taken several couple photos, it is time to try at different vantage points such as shooting below or above. You can position on the side of the man in order to shoot the face of the woman looking at him. You can also get behind the couple and shoot the back of their heads close together. Depending on your preferences, you might want to try out these vantage points.

Candid couple photos

For candid photos of a couple, it is important to capture moments when the subjects are involved with one another. Essentially, the couple should be comfortable and not aware of the presence of the camera. The rapport between the couple will make it possible for you to shoot them at close vicinity or provide them space by simply using the zoom function on them. One way to increase your chances of capturing a special moment is to be always ready with your camera. All you have to do is to preset the exposure of the camera and observe via the viewfinder so that you will not miss out on any special moments. Do not forget to take a lot of photos since some candid shots will surely turn out better than the others.

By sticking with the 5 rules of couples photography, it will surely increase your chances of getting great quality photos for couples whether for casual photos or formal events.

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