One of the items on the top ten touristy things to do in Saigon is a visit to the Mekong Delta. So, on a very sunny day, I decided to book a tour of that place. It was a half day tour, and I think it started at 2pm somewhere in the center of Saigon. Took a Grab there from my apartment, and I think it was about 25,000 Dong. Not a very long ride, from District 10. I don’t even remember how much I paid for the tour, but it would not have been more than $100. Quite possibly less than that.

The tour would start in Saigon, then a 2 hour drive to the river. From there a boat ride to a spot on the river where they bus in all the tourists of the world… 🙂 No, I should not complain. Like any tourist destination, it was crowded, but I also faced a prospect of waiting 2-3 hours to get on the Eifel Tower in Paris, so…

We had a quick walk into one of the villages there. I am sure it was not a proper village, where people actually lived. It was constructed for the tourists. With stalls of garbage to buy, etc. We listened to some local music, had a refresher of some local fruit, and we got onto the boat.

I saw a boat market in Thailand, and this one was even busier. At the ramp, there would have been at least 100 little rowing boats waiting for tourists. It was difficult to get through. Once we got on, the took us on a ride through the bush and it was actually very pleasant. I took a video of the boat ride:

After the boat ride, we got to have lunch. I also hired a bicycle and rode around the village. That was pleasant too. And of course people lived in normal houses, not in huts like the tour suggested earlier.

Lunch was nice. Seafood and rice was the main dish. I actually met some Polish people there too. We sat at the same table. They were doing a 2 week tour of Vietnam and this Mekong Delta sigh seeing was their last stop before they were heading back to Poland. it was good to speak in my mother tongue again. Actually, I found that Vietnam is a very popular destination for Polish tourists.

On the way back we stopped at a Buddhist temple, but the temperature was so high, I didnt want to spend too much time there, and sought refuge in our air-conditioned bus. Also, the temple was quite new. Didn’t have the charm of some of the really old Buddhist temples I visited in Ha Noi, later on.

In all, I think it was a very nice trip. Well worth the money I spent.

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