How I get to Hoi An Vietnam?

To hit this extraordinary and wonderful place with more than 2000 years old of History and award by the UNESCO since 1999. The best time to visit Hoi An in Vietnam is between February and April in these months Hoi An will offer low rain and great temperatures. Hoi An doesn’t have an airport or railway station, the only way to arrive is by bus cost about $6 USD, taxi or private car it cost about $20 USD from the airport of Da Nang and it takes you about 45 min. The nearest railway station is in Da Nang and then you need to take a bus or taxi.

Ones you have arrived to Hoi An, are a plenty of good places to stay you can find price per night form $15 USD 3 stars hotel, $35 USD for 4 stars hotel to $75 USD 5 stars hotel, you can get your booking accommodation through Kayak, hotels, Expedia, Agoda or booking.

How long is enough to stay in Hoi An city of Vietnam?

Usually this 3 – 4 days you will have time to delight and enjoy all in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Things to do in Hoi An:
  • Walk around the Old Town
  • Appreciate the Japanese covered bridge
  • Visit the Hoi An Museum
  • Tour the Tan Ky family house
  • Go to the Central Market of Hoi An
  • Visit the Fujian Hall Assembly Hall
  • Check on the Quan Cong Temple
  • Go the west of Hoi An to visit My Son Ruins
  • Visit the museum of Trading Ceramics
  • Hoi An Night Market
  • Tra Que Vegetable Village
  • Hoi An Cathedral
  • Ly Art Gallery
  • Au Lac Wood Art
  • Hoi An theater
  • Aum’s yoga Vietnam
  • Lucky Healing Spa
  • Hoi An riverside

Also, Vietnam is known for its beautiful beaches. The main beach near Hoi An is called Cua Dai and is approximately 5 km from the Old Town.  You can hire a bicycle, gets a taxi to go there or maybe your hotel has a free shuttle to the beach, another great one is An Bang Beach it is less crowded, in any of them you can be amazed by marvelous sunset.

Ahh!! But we can not forget the local food also it is very cheap and delicious, the signature dish of Hoi An is the Cao Lau consists of thick rice noodles, slices of barbecue pork, greens and crunchy croutons this dish can cost between 10.000 VND to 50.000 VND in US dollar is about 0.43 USD to 2.16 USD, others main dishes from the region are: White Rose Dumplings, Vietnamese Turmeric Noodles is cost between 15000 VND to 25000 VND, Fried Tofu and Rice Vermicelli with Fermented Shrimp Paste Sauce, and the dishes continue, but to have in mind per day only in food you can spend as little as 8 USD approximately 185000 VND.

Here is an estimate calculation that a couple can invest for 3 days in Hoi An on Transport form Da Nang, Food, accommodation, and mix transportation:

  • Transport form Da Nang to Hoi An both ways: 40 USD
  • Food and water: 60 USD
  • Accommodation: 150 USD
  • Local transportation: 60 USD
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