Wedding Photography Checklist of Must-take Photos

Are you planning a wedding ceremony? Despite how the ceremony looks like, you will need a reminder of this big day. The only thing within reach is only the photographs taken on this event. This is why it is very important to plan a wedding photography checklist of must- take photos.

This is done earlier before the big day by discussing the details with your photographer. Even though your photographer has great skills and experience, it is important to discuss the details of your photo needs during this day since all the weddings are not alike. Some details may be not necessary to some people while they are to you. To avoid regrets, it is advisable to make a list of must take photos.

How to make wedding photography checklist of must-take photos

Before the big day, you may engage the photographer and take some few photos to gain courage in front of the camera before the big day. Also important to let you know your photographer before engaging him on the bigger project.

After you have to an agreement with your photographer, design on the order of priority and how the photos will be taken on a chronological order. The checklist may be as follows

On the big day you may start taking the photos from when the bride prepares

Since women are always photogenic, it is important to give extra attention to the bride

  • While getting ready, ensure the following events
    have been captured.
  • The brides dress on the chair or the hanger
  • Bride’s shoe
  • Bride’s bouquet
  • When the bride is applying her make up
  • The maids preparing
  • While the bride puts on the garter
  • While the bridesmaid helps the bride and helping
    her dress.
  • Catch the close up for the dress details
  • Bride with brides maid moments before the event
  • Bride’s appreciation of her mom with a hug.
  • Flower girls getting ready and when they are
    good to go
  • Putting finishing touches like adding the veil
    by the bride’s maid
  • The solitude moment of the bride. This is at the
    time she is spending moments alone thinking.
  • Take a shot of the brides dress while it
    displays full length and the bride is ready to go.
  • On the groom side, take a short while the groom
    is putting on his tie
  • Take another while the groom is spending fun
    moments with groomsmen
  • Take one for the ring bearer
  • Groom with the dad, hugging or whispering
  • Two consecutive shots one on the bride boarding
    her car and a separate one for the groom boarding his car

When the ceremony begins

  • Groom’s anxiety should be captured. Seen if the
    groom looks outside through the window to establish if the bride has arrived.
  • The arrival of the bride
  • Bride stepping out of the car

This is just an example. There are more activities to be captured by the camera. Clear instructions and details will give you smart results and easier task for your photographer. It is advisable to prepare wedding photography checklist of must-take photos to avoid regrets that may come later when the event is irreversible.

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