Some facts about the shutter of a camera.

In Photography shutter refers to the device which closes and opens and this movement determines the duration in which the focal plane is given exposure to light.Even though the cameras are designed in such a way that it prevents the film from getting exposed to light,it is the shutter which is actually the mechanism which enables the photographs to be clicked.The shutter is designed in such a way that on pressing of the release button ,there is a movement in the shutter which enables light to enter into the camera for a fraction of a second. This is followed by closing of the shutter to prevent prolonged exposure of the film to light.

There are two types of shutters that are used in the camera. Some of the small hand held cameras have either of the two or even both fitted in them.The first type of a shutter is positioned between the elements of the camera lens.For this reason these are commonly referred to as between the lens shutter.The second type of shutter is situated in the back of the camera and positioned right in front of the place where the film inside the camera is situated.This is called a focal plane shutter.This type of shutter comprises of a long curtain. There are openings of different widths across the curtain.Hence only a single point of the film is exposed by the shutter as opposed to the entire film. This duration of the exposure is also pre set.The shutter is completely independent of the lens owing to which when the film is loaded into the camera the lenses can be interchanged.

An important aspect of the shutter is the shutter speed. The shutter speed refers to the duration of the time when the shutter remains opened.One important concept that needs to be remembered here is that the lower the speed of the shutter the greater is the amount of light that can enter the camera.Similarly the faster the shutter is closed the amount of light permitted into the camera is reduced.The range of the shutter speed is reflected through figures that basically denote the fraction of a second.For obtaining maximum clarity in the picture it is important to select the correct shutter speed. For example a slower shutter speed is used to click a picture when some effects of blur needs to be induced into the picture.Similarly to capture an object that is in motion at a fast pace, a higher shutter speed needs to be used.

Hence these are some facts that one needs to be aware of when practising photography.

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